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The Reference Desk: Online science databases & calculators
Scientific Databases: Scientific search engines & links to thousands of databases
PBS Online: Public Broadcasting System
Professional Development: Links to educational web sites
Travlang's: Translating dictionaries
Date & Time Gateway: Various date & time web sites
Maps: World maps provided by the University of Texas library
American Universities: Alphabetical listing of links to universities in the United States
Onelook Dictionaries: Links to over 726 dictionaries
State Web Pages: Links to state web sites & information from Duke University
World Fact Book: Information on countries from the CIA
Mirage-Net: Reference page
How Stuff Works: Learn how various things work
Lawyers - Attorneys - Legal Resources: Search for an attorney by location or specialty
North American Special Operations Group: International Military, Law Enforcement & Intelligence resource network


News & Entertainment
Aviation & Space Exploration
Amateur Radio & Scanning
Business & Personal Finance
Internet & Computing
U.S. Government
Reference & Education

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